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"And I think he’s just, you know, enjoying every single minute of it, and loving being Doctor Who."

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I was expecting Who Let the Dogs Out or something like that but oh my god this is so much better.

You watch us run.

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I know many avatars have needed guidance, but I’m the only one since Avatar Wan that can’t get help from my past lives. I wish I could talk to Aang.

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more people need to appreciate dovekies






this has been a dovekie appreciation post

#it’s like a penguin crossed with a fat swallow

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We photographed Gerard Way (who is the former frontman of My Chemical Romance and now releasing a solo album) for a feature in NME and it was one of those shoots where everything aligned perfectly and all of us were vibing and having fun and creating so many different looks in a little amount of time just because it was fun. We’ve got so much more to share from this one, stay tuned… | Brinson + Banks


 It has to be the hour… that you can’t miss. The hour you have to see. Putting real journalists in front of the camera and sending out the message that you take the news seriously.

"There are definitely obstacles to being an actor as a kid. For me, that was bad acting habits. As a kid, you do something and then an adult says, ‘That’s good,’ and then you do it again. You’re rewarded and then that’s the behavior you reinforce. I thought as a kid that acting was crying, and for some reason I could cry on command. So that became a bit of a crutch for me. As an adult, I’ve started to expand my thoughts on what I’m able to do and the kinds of parts I can play—the still or unemotional kind of work I can do."

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The devil’s in the details. (x)

Perfectly capable of handling this storm in a tea cup.